Supreme & Palace Bot



Lightning Fast

The bot sliding on every operating system for a blazing fast and reliable experience.

Auto Checkout

The bot automatically puts the items in the shopping cart and sends them to the payment.
Auto Payment
The bot automatically completes the entire payment procedure.

Auto Fill

The bot automatically fills the billing/shipping informations, selects the color and size of the items.

Auto Checkup

Before confirming the payment, the bot checks if the product corresponds to the desired one, if the price is within the limits set by you and if the color and size are right.

Scheduled Start

If you want you can decide what time and day the bot starts.


The bot can be used all over the world.

Multiple Items

No limit on how many items you can run at once.

reCAPTCHA Bypass

This feature is in beta, we offer this service but we don't take responsibility if it doesn't work.

Remove Sold Out Products

If an item sells out, the bot automatically removes it and checks out the remaining items you selected.

Auto Refresh

When the bot is stated it will automatically refresh the page until the desired items are available on the site.

Restock Auto Checkout

Even when the drop is over our bot monitors the Supreme site and checks out your desired items if they become available again.

24.99 €

Lifetime license

The Supreme bot no longer works! proceed to payment only if you are interested in the Palace bot.

All payments made on our site are securely processed through PayPal and backed by our customer service. If you are not satisfied with a purchase please reach out to us so that we can make things right.